Instrument Care

Designed and crafted to exacting specifica¬tions, surgical instruments will perform for a number of years, provided they are main¬tained correctly and used for their intended purpose. A strict maintenance schedule will help reduce the need for premature replace¬ments, thus cutting costs. For proper safe¬guarding of surgical instruments, please read and share the following information.

  • Wash brand new instruments prior to the first sterilization
  • Remove saline solution, bleach, blood and tissue from instruments quickly and thoroughly
  • Always use distilled water for cleaning instruments
  • Never use saline solution for cleaning instruments
  • Prevent cross-corrosion by separating corroded instruments from other instruments
  • Always autoclave instruments with box lock open to alleviate pressure at the joint and to prevent fracture
  • Lubricate joint and box lock after cleaning with an anti-microbial, water soluble lubricant
  • Protect the tips of delicate instruments with protective covers
  • Never use an instrument for anything other than its intended use


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